New Coffees!!

These two Africans walk into a bar…..this is not a joke. We are very excited to introduce two new coffees to the David’s Roasting lineup.   The first is a Kenya AA from the Nyeri region.  This is a classic Kenya, with a somewhat heavy body, bright acidity and flavors of black currant and red wine with a nice floral note. … read more

Fresh is best!

What’s in the bag, and more important, when was it roasted? The idea of fresh coffee is not one to be taken lightly, certainly by those who really love good coffee.   Unfortunately the coffee drinking public has had such lousy, stale coffee poured down their throats that the standard of freshness and flavor is rather low.   Once roasted, coffee is… read more

Holiday Orders

Greetings our caffeinated friends!  I can’t believe it’s almost November!  Where does the time go?  Before you know it, it will be Christmakwanzakah!  That time of year when everyone gets stressed out because there isn’t enough time, and there’s too many relatives, and Uncle Bob is still annoying and you should have known better because he was exactly the same… read more