Darker Roast

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Our signature blend in a darker roast.   This achieves all the wonderful flavors associated with darker roasting without all the bitterness that one usually finds in over-roasted coffee.   Just beyond Full City+, this has a sweet forward note when you first sip it, then it becomes a well rounded bold experience with a mellow finish.   It’s amazing as a French press, but rewards you with any brewing method.

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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 3 in

1/2 lb, 1 lb, 5 lbs

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Whole Bean, Drip, Espresso, French Press, Pour-over

1 review for Darker Roast

  1. Daniel Sharp

    I love dark roasts and this is one of my favorites. Rich flavor and still manages to be smooth start to finish.

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