New Coffees!!

These two Africans walk into a bar…..this is not a joke.

We are very excited to introduce two new coffees to the David’s Roasting lineup.   The first is a Kenya AA from the Nyeri region.  This is a classic Kenya, with a somewhat heavy body, bright acidity and flavors of black currant and red wine with a nice floral note.  It’s roasted at a medium level.  If you like Kenyas, this is one of the best we’ve had.

Our other new coffee is a Tanzanian Peaberry.  Peaberries are formed when one of the seeds in the cherry isn’t fertilized and this allows the other seed to grow in a more fully rounded shape.  Many feel that the peaberry has a more concentrated flavor since it’s the only seed in the cherry that develops. Tanzanian coffee is synonymous with peaberries and this coffee has a nearly perfect balance of  citrus and stone fruit, bright acidity and a slightly stronger, more savory finish with darker fruit flavors.  We take it to a medium roast level, to give it a richness while still preserving all its character.


You can order them now under single origins, or pick up a bag a Java Garden and stop in for an amazing drink!


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