Opening a new bag of David’s coffee is a religious experience. . .  I wish we could buy  it in IV bags so I could just mainline it.

Shawna Dowd, San Diego, CA

Hey David, thanks for ruining every other coffee in the world for me!  I’ll take a pound each of your outstanding light and dark coffees!

Ben Bils, San Diego, CA

Best part about a trip to San Diego? Getting a pound of coffee from your cousin who roasted it himself that very morning. I don’t know how you do it David and Alena, but you’re doing it right!

Robert Neuhaus, Skokie, IL

Excellent coffee – roasted to perfection!

Larry Zeiger, San Diego, CA

GREAT coffee…..thanks Dave!

Carolyn Satter, San Diego, CA

We just pulled our first shots of David’s Roasting – Darker Roast. My wife and I both enjoy a darker roast and the fuller body flavor. David’s coffee was excellent. Very smooth and rich. Nice balanced little bite of acid. Perfect amount of roast without tasting scorched or burned. Beautiful crema. Well done! Grazie!

Gil Guerrero, Dallas, TX

I am from Seattle and I LOVE coffee. Luckily coffee is available about every foot here but then I start reading about David’s coffee, so I ordered some.  This coffee is what you dream and hope coffee will taste like, but never does. Thank you David and…keep it coming.

Valerie Goulds, Bellevue, WA

Matt and I picked up a pound of coffee then did some other errands. Our car smells amazing. David, can you create a “Freshly Roasted and Ground Coffee” scent for car air fresheners?

Louise Lucas, San Diego, CA

Loving my David’s coffee! So flavorful that I’m using fewer beans per pot (French press). Yay — my beans will last even longer!

Julie North Sinclair, Juneau, AK

Best coffee I’ve ever had. Period.

Dr. J. Pohl, Albuquerque, NM

Thank you for the coffee!  David’s is awesome!  I love it!

Toni Ozun, Las Vegas, NV

I woke up this morning thinking of You, or at least your beans.  Couldn’t wait to make my coffee.  So good! Bold yet smooth, no bitterness at all.

Lesli Kendall, Los Angeles, CA