David’s Fresh Roasted Coffee


The most prestigious of the Colombian coffees, Supremo is famous for its mild flavor and balance. Colombian coffee is the gold standard of fine gourmet coffees. Grown at high altitudes in rich volcanic soil, Colombian coffee is known for its great depth of flavor and smooth balance.  There are many flavors that can be found in Colombian coffees from the earthy and nutty to flowery and winey.   Our Lighter roast allows the fruitier flavors to come forward, and the Darker roast emphasizes more caramel and nuttiness.

Costa Rica

Costa Rican coffee is absolutely stunning in its classic Central American taste. Lighter roasting helps to retain its delicate hazelnut and milk chocolate characteristics but as a dark roast, it brings out wonderful vibrant fruit flavor and nutty undertones.

Papua New Guinea

A superb medium-full bodied coffee, the high altitude and cooler climate is perfect for the cultivation of high-quality Arabica Coffee.  These beans add an earthy richness that can only be found in great Indonesian coffee. It has a pungent and tangy aroma of tropical flowers and fruit, as well.

 A gentler cup of coffee

For those who cannot tolerate the side effects of caffeine, yet they still want to enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee, we offer a 100% Colombian Supremo Swiss Water Process decaf.

Right now, methylene chloride and ethyl acetate are the solvents used to decaffeinate approximately 65% of the world’s coffee.   We are aware of the concerns of chemical processes, and chose Swiss Water® Process based on it being environmentally friendly chemical-free,  and 99.9% caffeine-free, while supporting great taste.

We roast our decaf to a dark medium which still allows it to be smooth and tasty without the bitterness or chalkiness associated with so many poorly roasted decafs.   By itself  it has a slightly nutty and caramel flavor.  If you want to try a half-caf, mix it with either the Lighter or Darker roast for more interesting flavors.