About David’s

Our philosophy is very simple: roast the coffee well, sell it fresh and offer it at a fair price so that it is a great value.  That shouldn’t be too much to ask in this day and age.  Far too often we find ourselves in restaurants, cafes and hotels where the coffee is just not good, and it’s expensive.  Much of the coffee sold in stores has already lost its freshness the day you open the bag.   Don’t be deceived by  “good until….” dates, or single serving packaging “to preserve freshness,” because if the coffee is more than a few weeks old, it’s already stale.  If it’s ground, it was stale when it was packaged.  This is why at David’s, we stamp or write on every bag with the date the coffee was roasted, so you know exactly how fresh our coffee really is.

Born from the desire to have a better cup at a better price, David’s started in the kitchen with a home roasting system.  After several years of experimenting, and tastings by numerous friends and family members, the idea of opening a roasting house was born.   We decided from the start, that we didn’t want to follow the masses who roast many different beans from all over the world, hoping that at least someone will like each varietal roasted.  Instead we created a special blend that we know everyone will enjoy.

David’s award-winning Original Blend is a proprietary blend of three beans, all of which have great characteristics by themselves, but when put together, complement each other perfectly.  We have created a smooth tasty cup without over-roasting and killing all the origins of the beans.  Lighter?  Darker? A bit of both?  You can have exactly what you like, and though we only offer three full strength selections, custom blending is available.  Look at the choices for Decaf as well.  We offer two “half-caf” blends but if you want to try something different, just contact us.

We also offer single origins for those who like to change it up.  These are beans we have vetted and will be offering on a limited release.  So, order now before they go away.

Welcome to better coffee!  Enjoy!